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Respect for human beings and environment


A company can only prosper in an healthy environment. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us to treat our environment with care and conserve resources.


Amongst others, we demonstrate sustainable and environmentally responsible behaviour with our "Green Building" that is heated using geothermal energy and produces, consumes and supplies power using a rooftop photovoltaic installation. Environmental amenity and recyclability are important for us when selecting the materials for our products. We meet and exceed the legal quality and environmental requirements.


Our employees are encouraged to contribute and develop within the scope of their abilities and expertise. We expect care, responsibility, cost and environmental awareness as well as competence. In return there is a wide program of added value for occupational health and safety that is everything but self-evident for a company of this size.


All this is ensured by an integrated, certified management system with the fields quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.
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