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Edge Computing

Computing power for individual applications at the site


Edge computing and cloud computing complement one another reasonable: Data will be processed where you benefit most as user.

Edge Computing

  • Local data processing (DP) on the field

Cloud Computing

  • DP on central company servers
  • DP in secure cloud services of third-party providers

Combination of edge and cloud computing

  • DP in a mix of the options listed

Therefore, edge computing* is the practical complement for cloud computing: Computing power, software, apps, scripts, data and services will be relocated away from central structures to where they are needed: to the edge of the cloud, the location of the application. 


Devices for edge computing are autonomous and act in combination with central servers or cloud services if necessary. 


  • Edge computing provides flexibility
  • Edge computing and cloud computing complement one another
  • Allows real-time applications because WAN latencies do not apply
  • Quick data analysis in the field

Edge Computing with INSYS Smart Devices

The router series of our Smart Devices are often the hub in plants or machines in applications, i.e. at the spot where all communication paths merge, from network (LAN) up to the fieldbus systems and simple serial interfaces. Therefore, our Smart Devices are equipped with the resources for edge computing; the specification depends on the operating system (OS) of the Smart Device:

  • Smart Devices with icom OS have an icom SmartBox
  • Smart Devices with INSYS OS have an INSYS Sandbox.


We use it top open our routers for a functional scope that is defined by our customers with their own application know-how: from a small script to a comprehensive program, developed in-house or from third parties.


Comparison of the main characteristics of icom SmartBox and INSYS Sandbox


 icom SmartBoxINSYS Sandbox
PlatformSmart Device with icom OSSmart Device with INSYS OS
Technology1-n Linux containers (LXC)
in parallel operation
1 instance with change root,
single user
Networkvirtual network interface, IP address
in one of n LANs of the router 

joint use:
Sandbox uses the LAN of the router

Main memory

64 MB reserved for router
192 MB/n per n container

448 MB/n per n containers **

joint use: 
32-64 MB for router and sandbox
file system

> 2 GB

> 6 GB **

150 MB
Rightsroot within the containerregular user account

Series for edge computing with icom SmartBox


Knowledge and resources for icom SmartBox:




each icom SmartBox is within a secure container

Series for edge computing with INSYS Sandbox


Knowledge and resources for INSYS Sandbox:



schematic structure with INSYS sandbox

*) also "fog computing"; proprietary term for edge computing

**) INSYS icom adds more memory to the product lines MRO and MRX successively. Ask your sales contact about the status of your product in question.

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