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Device Apps

Applications for your INSYS icom router


Device Apps turn your INSYS icom router into a SMART DEVICE. Connect data points of PLCs, sensors and other devices, independently from the protocol they speak. Capture, process and visualise their data directly on the router. Tranfer pre-processed data to cloud services or customised infrastructures. Control your applications out of the cloud or via automatical actions, triggered by the router. Extend these functionalities even more with the integrated Linux environments.


Smart Devices and Device Apps by INSYS icom do not only connect your applications perfectly. Become prepared for the future of edge and cloud computing - reliable, user-friendly and secure!


  • Protocol-independent connection and linking-up of data points
  • Capturing, processing and visualising data on the Smart Device (Edge Computing)
  • Data transfer to cloud services and customised infrastructures
  • Cloud data processing (Cloud Computing)
  • Remote control of applications
Software packages for connecting and processing data points

icom Data Suite

for the router series MRX and MRO with icom OS

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Monitoring App

for the router series MoRoS, EBW, IMON with INSYS OS

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