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icom Connectivity Suite – VPN

Transparent Remote Access to Machines and Plants

Top Benefit:

2 licences permanently free!


Secure connections are the basis of modern data communication. The protection of field devices was no issue in times of SMS-based failure reporting. Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things require that a multitude of devices are always online, communicate with each other and operate autonomously. This multi-directional communication in wider growing networks must be protected and managed.


INSYS icom offers a managed service with the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN that provides communication for Open-VPN-capable routers, PCs and other devices in a secure VPN environment. Integration and management of the devices is very simple: Configuration files and certificates are generated by the service and automatically uploaded to routers of INSYS icom thanks to their quick start wizard.

Group formation, connection control, network monitoring and VPN-in-tunnel are just a few highlights that make the icom Connectivity Suite - VPN to much more than a simple VPN service. And now the best: You need neither an own infrastructure nor IT experts. Create your own VPN, quick and easy with INSYS icom.


  • Scaleable and highly available
  • Intuitive, web based operation
  • Automatic certificate management
  • Access to devices behind the router

Test free

  • 4 weeks
  • 4 licences
  • WIthout any obligations

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Function overview:

Device Management

Integrating, managing and deleting routers and other OpenVPN-capable devices, status information

Group Management

Assigning devices to groups incl. connection control within and between groups

Advanced Group Management

Restricting connections to protocols, devices or ports.

Further information

Configuration and Certificate Handling

Creating configuration files and certificates including automated certificate updates

SIM Management

Managing INSYS icom Premium M2M SIM cards and plans

Quick Start for INSYS Smart Devices

Quick start, automatic integration and certificate transmission

Network Monitoring

Monitoring the availability of individual routers integrated in the VPN network and downstream devices and applications

Further information

Log Files

Logging all actions within the VPN and providing them for download

Web Proxy

Read or write access to http-based user interfaces within the VPNs by devices that are not part of the VPN itself

Further information


Setup - it's that simple!


1. Create device online

In the INSYS Connectivity Service portal under:

create another INSYS icom router. 

2. Device quick start

When using the quick start wizard of the INSYS icom network devices, customer name and device code are entered. The router connects to the INSYS Connectivity Service portal and loads all necessary settings automatically.

3. Connected!

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