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Save Time and Money with Central Device Management

INSYS icom, leading manufacturer for industrial data communication and interconnection, now offers the Managed Service icom OAM (Operations, Administration & Maintenance) for central device management of icom Smart IoT Gateways. When using several devices, icom OAM significantly improves management of device operation, administration and maintenance.

Possible savings during commissioning, maintenance and updates

Performing all these tasks manually requires high administrative and human resource effort, which costs companies productivity and competitiveness. The icom OAM automates these tasks to avoid mistakes and ensure timely roll-out and smooth operation. Moreover, icom OAM is a Managed Service exclusively tailored to the routers and gateways of INSYS icom to roll-out updates efficiently. "Our new OAM supports the administrators of icom Smart IoT Devices and significantly improves their daily work. The more routers they have to manage, the more helpful OAM becomes. But even for smaller applications, admins will appreciate OAM for reasons of clarity and efficiency and of course from the view of IT security", explains David Sukowatey, Product Manager of INSYS icom. 

Numerous functions

The system monitors the management operations and logs relevant update events of the devices (e. g. execution of an auto update or profile activation) via an activity log. Administrators can view the device information such as serial number, update details or firmware version and the activity of the past OAM operations. New firmware updates, certificates security settings and configurations can be managed across several routers using icom OAM. 

OAM in ISO 27001-certified cloud

The web platform of OAM stands within its own, secure cloud environment, which is hosted in a German data processing centre that is certified as per ISO 27001. 
Refer to for more information about the Managed Service icom OAM.