Many of our products can be enhanced flexibly with user programs using the icom SmartBox or Linux Sandbox. This training shows you how to realise your own ideas within the integrated Linux environments on our professional routers.

Objective of this training

  • Creating bash scripts in the INSYS Sandbox / icom SmartBox
  • Retrieving, storing and analysing IP data
  • Analysing and processing serial data
  • Creating and modifying HTML pages
  • Sending mails or SMS upon self-defined events
  • Compiling own C programs
  • Including own Python scripts or Java programs in the sandbox
  • Including SmartBox container into the network structure reasonable

Please note that the training shows only how to create programs using some examples. An introduction into the respective programming language (C, C++ , Java) is not part of the training. 


  • You have experience in working with command lines (Windows or Linux).
  • Basic knowledge in Linux command lines is helpful (examples: cd, ls, cp, nano, chmod).
  • Programming skills are ideal  


  • Basics about operation via console
  • Connection establishment to INSYS Sandbox / icom SmartBox
  • Bash basics
  • Basics of the INSYS Sandbox concept
  • Basics of the icom SmartBox concept
  • File transfer to and from the INSYS Sandbox / icom SmartBox
  • Programming concepts, scripts vs. own programs
  • Creation and modification of example scripts
  • Installation of the development kit on your Linux PC (ELDK) for creating own C programs for the INSYS Sandbox, alternatively installation of the Virtual Box VM with SDK for creating own C programs for the icom SmartBox
  • Compilation of an own program in C
  • Advanced concepts using the example of Python or examples of the participants
  • "Next Steps" how to proceed with own ideas as a user …

Working material

We provide a professional router and example applications during the training. However, you still need a PC for practising the exercises. You need a PC with Linux installed (e.g. Ubuntu) to install the development kit. It would be helpful, if you can already install the ELDK on your own PC that you can take your ready-to-use development environment home. However, a majority of the exercises during the training can also be made using a Windows notebook. We are happy to provide you with a suitable Linux notebook for the training period. Just inform us that we should reserve a notebook for you when ordering the training.


  • Small groups of max. 6 trainees
  • High-quality technical equipment
  • Practical introduction into edge computing
  • Ready to use knowledge
  • Highly experienced trainers

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