icom OS is a state-of-the-art operating system for the routers (Smart Devices) of INSYS icom. Besides a significant improvement in performance with the hardware of the MRX and MRO series, icom OS will provide many new functions like a profile manager or LXC containers.


We've compiled the most important information in a white paper for a convenient migration from the operating system INSYS OS (product series IMON, EBW and MoRoS) to icom OS. You'll find out the differences regarding hardware, software and integrated Linux environment with this. Some examples for the topics:

  • Size and connector comparison
  • Differences in supply and interfaces
  • New concept of operations, e.g. profile manager
  • Differences in quick start
  • Enhanced configuration options, e.g. user roles
  • Use of WAN chains and firewall in tunnel
  • Migration from INSYS Sandbox applications to the icom SmartBox
  • and much more


MRX and MRO routers with the new icom OS firmware generally provide many new options for making and managing applications more flexible, like:

  • multiple device configurations in form of profiles

  • multiple SmartBox containers with customer applications

  • multiple update servers

  • a freely controllable redundancy using WAN chains and groups

  • a freely configurable firewall and NAT

  • a strongly enhanced event control with more events and actions

  • a central certificate management

  • a mighty command line interface

  • and much more


We will be happy to send you this white paper on request.


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Router configuration or Linux application; we gladly support you in the migration of your application from INSYS OS to icom OS. For further information please contact your sales manager.