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SMS Gateway

Condition monitoring and remote control of existing plants via SMS


The Device App SMS Gatewayin combination with the Smart Devices of INSYS icom allows you to replace discontinued GSM modems and terminal adapters or CSD connections that are not available any more by modern IP-based technology without the need of extensive modifications of your existing plants. Moreover, this is an ideal starting point for further migration of existing plant technology up to digitisation and applications suitable for Industry 4.0.


Applications operated so far like condition monitoring, remote control and access can be continued quick and easy using the Device App SMS Gateway. Therefore, analogue technology can be integrated and operated in modern IP networks. 


Messages taken over from serial interfaces, FTP or TCP can be dispatched as well as received with this. Together with the serial IP gateway (serial port server) of the INSYS icom routers as well as the virtual COM port INSYS VCom, applications from pure SMS dispatch up to the transparent remote maintenance connection can be realised or continued by digitising the transmission path. 


Moreover, SMS Gateway makes it possible for pure network devices to dispatch or receive SMS messages from the application by simple scripts via TCP or FTP.


The Device App SMS Gateway is available for all routers of the series MoRoS, EBW and IMON (with INSYS OS).


  • Alarming via SMS (serial, TCP, FTP)
  • Remote control via SMS (serial, TCP, FTP)
  • Several recipients per message possible
  • Replacement for discontinued GSM modems / terminal adapters
  • Replacement for discontinued CSD connections for remote maintenance
  • Migration without having to replace the application (e.g. PLC)
  • INSYS VCom (Virtual COM Port) for PCs without serial interface or for remote maintenance
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