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Premium SIM Cards and Management for your M2M Application

 M2M SIM Services von INSYS icom. Premium SIM Karten. Managementportal. Günstige Tarife.

Many M2M and IoT applications communicate via cellular radio networks today. We offer Premium M2M SIM cards with pre-defined or customer-specific rates that our customers don't have to deal with the "Connectivity" subject in detail as well.

Benefit from fair plans and many additional services that we have tailored to the requirements of industrial and other professional applications based on our many years of experience.

Our basic plan without included volume is particularly of interest for applications that have to establish a connection sporadic - if required - thanks to a minimal monthly basic fee. The plans with included volume are aligned to the most common use scenarios with and without VPN usage or high data volume. All cards can be activated and deactivated on a monthly basis. Deactivated cards cause no costs.

You can use our SIM management portal for managing your cards and monitoring consumptions with the first card already. Many other features and options like Cost Limit, Smart Cost Control or the flexible pooling will excite you. That's how M2M connectivity works today!


  • Multi-Roaming, national and international for highest availability
  • Brief contract period can be cancelled monthly

  • Can be activated and deactivated at any time

  • Including SIM management portal

  • Smart Cost Control: Cost efficient communication thanks to automated plan adjustment

  • Flexibles pooling

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Our current M2M rates:


Smart Cost Control

Automatically the best plan

The option Smart Cost Control grants you control of the costs for your M2M SIM cards of INSYS icom. Each card (except basic plans) starts in the lowest service plan each month. If required, this changes to the next higher plan until it will be deactivated automatically with exceeding the cost limit of 1.5 GB.


Flexible Pooling

Save together

Many SIM cards, one shared included volume. This is flexible pooling. All included volumes of SIM cards within a rate plan form a shared pool from which each card consumes what it needs.

Multi Roaming

Always in the best network

Your M2M SIM card of INSYS icom always connects to the best network, regardless of providers and without additional cost. This ensures that your application is reliably available. If no network is available, you will be informed about this in the SIM management portal within seconds. More comfort and certainty is not possible.


SIM Management Portal

Included: From the first card

You are always informed about the status of your SIM cards with our SIM management portal and can activate and deactivate each individual card at any time. You'll get free access to the SIM management portal with the first M2M SIM card already.


Cost Limit

The Cost Stop

You don't get trapped in the plan trap with us. The basic plans feature an automated deactivation of a SIM card in case of a data volume exceeding 500 MB per month; the service plans with included volume stop with a data volume exceeding 1.5 GB per month. The SIM card is active again the next month of course. You are able to activate the cards manually in the meantime.



We’ll be glad to submit you an individual offer, even for individual rate demands:


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