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Advanced Group Management

Limit the access to individual applications


Firewall in Tunnel.

You already know that you can set-up and manage your own VPN easily with the INSYS Connectivity Service. You also know that you can form groups and control their communication.


Now we go one step beyond: With the firewall in the tunnel. You decide with the IP address range restriction whether devices of a group may access one or several defined local destinations in another group. 


You can set-up your VPN such for example that devices of the group “Service HMI” can only access the connected HMI of devices of the group “Plants”. It would be possible in parallel to this that devices of the group “Service PLC” may only access PLCs of the group “Plants”.


And the best of all: The “firewall in tunnel” function is free for users of the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN!


  • Limitation of access right to IP addresses and ports
  • Perfect complement to group formation and connection control
  • Without additional cost
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