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Network monitoring

Active monitoring of routers, PCs and controls


Network monitoring.

You'll get your own VPN network with the INSYS Connectivity Service. The monitoring function enables you to actively monitor routers, controls and PCs additionally. Follow the conditions of your devices via the web interface and configure messages individually.

Moreover, the INSYS Connectivity Service checks whether your hosts are accessible as well. If a connection establishment fails, you'll be informed via e-mail or SMS; the same if the connection is established again.


The network monitoring checks the whole connection up to a host in case of failures. You'll see the connection path in your control network in the web overview.


Five checks are free per licence: this means that you can monitor five local devices, like PLC, panels or web cams for example, at each router.


And the best of all: The monitoring function is completely free for users of the INSYS Connectivity Service!


  • Active monitoring freely configurable
  • Checking of the host availability
  • Message upon connection termination
  • Message upon re-establishment
  • Without additional costs
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