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LAN-to-LAN Multiport Router for
Machines with SINUMERIK 840D sl

 LAN-to-LAN router with 8-multi-port switch ideal for maschines and systems with SINUMERIK 840D sl

Many machine and plant manufacturers face the challenge to build many very similar machines for different customers and have to modify them customer-specific. In order to access a specific machine, a time-consuming and error-prone adjustment of the network configuration either at the PC or the machine was necessary up to now.


The RSM-E100 makes your life easier now. It is a LAN-to- LAN multi-port router that acts as intelligent intermediary between company, plant and service networks.


Benefit from:


Time Saving

  • Easy connection with only a few settings in web-based user interface

  • Operation of many systems with standard IP addresses in the same network without control adjustments

  • Easy network integration with ex works programming and in the customer network

Error Prevention

  • Direct and intuitive address of all SINMUERIK control elements and other machine components via host names using DNS/DHCP

  • All control components without software installation on PCU and thus directly accessible via IP

  • Error-prone re-configuration of plant network settings are not necessary

Reliable protection for your IT infrastructure

  • Security firewall: network segmenting option

  • Additional usage as secure remote maintenance router in the client network (e.g. in connection with the INSYS Connectivity Service VPN service)

  • Well-proven, Linux-based INSYS operating system for utmost security


  • LAN-to-LAN router with 8-multi-port switch (3x WAN, 5x local)
  • Ideal for machines and systems with SINUMERIK 840D sl

  • Easy configuration with IP standard settings

  • Comfortable access to the individual components of the control

  • Highest possible security at WAN and local interfaces due to VPN, firewall, etc.

  • Quick start for INSYS Connectivity Service VPN service


How to use the RSM-E100 profitably:

Please find further detail information at our application note.



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You can get industrial routers and fault monitors with your individual configuration ex works with a minimum annual order quantity of only 100 units. Just ask us!

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