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EBW-W100: WiFi industrial router with 2-port switch

VPN router with firewall, SNMP and netmapping

 EWB-W100 is a WLAN industrial router for remote access to machines, plants, measuring devices and sensors, etc. Secure due to firewall, VPN and SNMP.

EBW-W100 is a high-quality WiFi router for remote maintenance and remote access to your applications via local network or Internet.

The EBW-W100 decouples manufacturing cells with remote access from the surrounding company IT for example. Also many subnetworks with identical local IP addresses can be distinguished and addressed targeted. A firewall and integrated VPN (OpenVPN, IPsec) provide data security.


EBW-W100 is prepared for the INSYS Connectivity Service VPN service. The device can be integrated into a VPN quickly and easily in two steps only using the quick start wizard. The router gets all necessary data and certificates automatically with this.

Application example:

 EBW-W100 connected with control center via Internet/WLAN. Monitoring of: measuring devices, machines, plants, sensors, video cameras, etc.

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  • WiFi industrial router (WiFi client and access point)
  • Professional IP routing
  • Comprehensive security: Firewall, VPN, SNMP
  • 2-port switch
  • NEW: Now with integrated Linux programming environment (INSYS-Sandbox)
  • Easy consistent concept of operation
  • Well-proven INSYS operating system
  • Quick start for INSYS Connectivity Service
    (VPN service)


Did you know?
You can get industrial routers and fault monitors with your individual configuration ex works with a minimum annual order quantity of only 100 units. Just ask us!

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