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EBW-WH100: WiFi industrial router with 3G/2G

With 2-port switch and cellular radio as backup connection

 EBW-WH 100 is an HSPA industrial router with WLAN for remote access to your machines, plants, measuring devices and sensors, etc. via cellular radio or Internet. Secure due to firewall, VPN and SNMP.

EBW-WH100 is a high-quality dial-in/dial-out router with 2 LAN ports and port forwarding for remote maintenance and remote access to your application via WiFi or alternatively 3G/2G.

The industrial high-speed router EBW-WH100 enables secure wireless connections between local networks via WiFi and to the Internet via cellular networks (3G/HSPA, 2G/GPRS/EDGE). The HSPA interface provides the prerequisite for realising remote access and maintenance. EBW-WH100 is ideal for securely accessing systems in remote networks for example.


The cellular interface serves as redundancy in case a local WiFi network is not available. A firewall and integrated VPN (OpenVPN, IPsec) provide data security.


EBW-WH100 is prepared for the INSYS Connectivity Service VPN service. The device can be integrated into a VPN quickly and easily using the quick start wizard. The router gets all necessary data and certificates automatically with this.

Application example:

 EBW-WH100 connected with control center via local wifi or cellular radio. Monitoring of: measuring devices, machines, plants, sensors, video cameras, etc.

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  • WiFi industrial router (WiFi client and access point)
  • Backup connection via cellular radio (3G/2G)
  • Professional IP routing
  • Comprehensive security: Firewall, VPN, SNMP
  • 2-port switch
  • NEW: Now with integrated Linux programming environment (INSYS-Sandbox)
  • Easy consistent concept of operation
  • Well-proven INSYS operating system
  • Quick start for INSYS Connectivity Service
    (VPN service)


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You can get industrial routers and fault monitors with your individual configuration ex works with a minimum annual order quantity of only 100 units. Just ask us!

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