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"The renowned BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) has compiled the latest threats with highest criticality during their cyber security analyses ... The threat priority results from an aspect examination like circle of offenders, distribution and exploitability of the weak points, as well as possible technical and economical consequences of an attack for example." 1) 


  • Industrial Control System Security
    Top 10 Threats  PDF

  • Web link  BSI



"Experience has shown that an optimisation of security management often improves information security more effective and more sustainable than investments in security technology." 5)


  • BSI Standard 100-1, Management Systems for Information Security (ISMS) PDF
  • Web link BSI


"The BDEW (Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry), Berlin, represents approximately 1800 companies." 2) Internationally respected and BSI-recommended publications are:


  • White paper requirements for secure control and telecommunication systems
    version 1.1, Oct 2014  PDF

  • Requirements for secure control and telecommunication systems information of execution for applying the BDEW white paper  PDF

  • Web link  BDEW





The Federal Ministry of the Interior declares:  "Ensuring cyber security is part of the vital challenges of our time. Major IT failures are considered as real risk and global threat nationally and internationally in unison." 3)


  • Law (draft) for improving the IT security of critical infrastructures; in balloting period since March 5, 2013  PDF

  • IT security law key points  PDF

  • Cyber security strategy for Germany  PDF

  • Web link  BMI



The European Network and information Security Agency declares: "Computers, mobile phones, banks and the Internet must cooperate smoothly since they are essential for modern life and today's economy. The challenge of the ENISA is to ensure the necessary high-grade network and information security in the EC ..." 4)


  • Reports about breaches of data security in Europe, January 14, 2011   PDF

  • ENISA Threat Landscape, January 8, 2013  PDF

  • Web link  ENISA 



  • ISO 27000 series like e. g. ISO/IEC 27000:2012, Information technology -- Security techniques -- Information security management systems -- Overview and vocabulary  web link

  • Web link   ISO



  • VDI guideline: VDI/VDE 2182 sheet 1, IT security for industrial automation - general model  web link

  • Web link  VDI


1) Source: BSI-A-CS 004 | version 1.00 dated April 12, 2012 (downloaded May 23, 2013)

2) Source: BDEW (downloaded May 23, 2013)

3) Source: BDEW (downloaded May 23, 2013)

4) Source: ENISA (downloaded May 24, 2013)

5) Source: BSI Standard 100-1, Version 1.5, 2008 (downloaded July 15, 2014)

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