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Sandbox Installation

Sandbox Tutorial Part 1



The sandbox can be found on several INSYS devices and offers the possibility to load individual programs onto the respective device. You can create and run own scripts and individual programs with this. Just imagine this function as your own little Linux PC within our devices without any extra cost. The following devices support the sandbox functionality:

  • MoRoS from device version 2.1
  • MLR 2G/3G from device version 2.0
  • IMON
  • QLM-wireless

The sandbox can be imagined as a small Linux PC within one of the above mentioned devices. There are no data in the sandbox in delivery condition. You have to load and install a sandbox image first.

Downloading a demo image

In order to facilitate you the entry into sandbox programming, we have compiled some demo images for you. You can create your own scripts and programs quickly and easily based on exemplary functions. You can find the images here.

Installing the sandbox on your device

After downloading an image to your PC, you must upload this image to your device. The configuration menu of your device has a "Sandbox" page in the "System" menu. You must upload and install the image here. Watch the following video to see how this works.

You will learn here
  • Downloading a demo image
  • Uploading an image to your device
  • Activating an image
  • Accessing the demo web server of the sandbox