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Mobile, stationary and portable

Modern data communication systems are mobile and make users mobile:

  • Stationary solutions, from modems to routers, can be added to any wired network.
  • Mobile solutions free users from being dependent on a location - whether the field devices are always moving, or they change site only infrequently, or the application is intended to run in parallel with the existing IT structure.


Data gathering and processing is the basis for any type of process control, cost optimisation, POS transaction or energy management.


When handling data, it is essential that the protection objectives of confidentiality, anti-sabotage and anti-espionage, integrity and availability are achieved.


Modern transmission technologies are the base on which data can be collected, viewed and analysed anywhere, anytime.


Optimised control processes, rule functions and alarm messages using custom, programmable solutions with remote access.

Typical applications

  • Remotely access controllers
  • Remotely query data loggers
  • Send alarms to indicate problems
  • Remote switching
  • Change protocols
  • Log data
  • Monitor sensors
  • Optimise processes
  • Update software remotely
  • Remote maintenance
  • ... and many more

Use the devices and INSYS'' in-depth sector experience to transmit data in a professional manner!

The experience of INSYS sector specialists

  • Environmental Services, Supply & Disposal incl. Water
  • Energy incl. Electricity
  • Building
  • Machinery & Equipment incl. Construction
  • IT & Communications
  • Trade & Logistics
  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • Health & Medical
  • Security
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
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