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Innovative solutions with a maximum of security

"We are members of top professional research and development circles in the field of industrial data communication, and are thus, a part of fundamental innovations that will deeply affect the future of our customers."
Markus Heider
Head of R&D

Our development engineers operate at the cutting edge of technological advancement. We set our sights on goals in challenging areas and make significant contributions to revolutionary projects. We consciously invest in pioneering technology.

What makes Insys unique is our exceptional ability to transform innovative technology into sturdy, real-world applications that work continuously without downtime. This expertise is what makes our customers so enthusiastic about working with us and is why they keep coming back.

Security is the most vital criteria for our customers. Our technology enables a maximum of security in the transfer of data. The built-in protection of our systems against manipulation and sabotage is renowned. The most paramount issue for our customers is the reliability of their devices and systems; an area in which we can ensure an almost continual operational availability. Our solutions ensure an incredibly long operational life with an absolute minimum of maintenance. This enables our customers to plan efficiently and competently for their future with the knowledge that their investments in our future-proof technology are secure.

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