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Team Spirit

Mutual support: skillful and sincere

"True techies know how much they can benefit from the experience of their colleagues and how important their own input is to the success of everyone involved. That’s the kind of team spirit we live by."
 Stefan Gallenberger
Head of Technical Support

We’re only as strong as our weakest link and we’re proud to be able to say that we know we can rely on each and every one of us. We’re driven by our will to succeed. We don’t necessarily want to be big but effective, superior and beneficial to our customers. Our technical support is unparalleled in the data communication sector. We value our employees’ skills and are always eager for new people to join us who are as highly trained and passionate about their work as we are.

The individual counts but only as an integral part of the team. We depend on our company spirit and communication skills just as much as our openness and critical thinking. That’s the secret of our efficiency as well as our success in achieving solutions for our customers that give them a competitive edge in their markets.

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