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Energy data networks go IP

INSYS icom communication technology -
the basis for a safe migration

The energy revolution, the BDEW white paper, the renewable energy law as well as new standards make great demands on electricity networks and producers. This can only be mastered by increasing the degree of automation and extensive use of tailored information and communication technology (ICT).


The high-quality solutions of INSYS icom are the answer to these demands: easy installation, highest reliability in self-sufficient operation and challenging ambient conditions, longevity as well as IT security. Specific features can be implemented and adapted as required.













Your requirements, our solutions

These essential issues will convince you:


  • Remote services for
    renewable energy plants
  • Reliable
    process networks
  • Secure
    energy automation
  • Remote meter reading
  • Communication for the
    smart meter gateway

Protection against physical and logical manipulation

The router configuration can be permitted or prohibited via the web interface to provide a manipulation protection of the router – no matter if the access attempt is carried out local or from remote and secured or unsecured. Local access to the router permits only a rest to default settings, but prevents the access to configurations, certificates, log files, etc. Certificates cannot be read out, not even by the authorised user. All INSYS devices have switch ports that can be disabled and a guarantee that there is not back door.

Messages upon events to a control centre

In case of security-critical events, messages will immediately be dispatched to the control center via SNMP (also SMS or e-mail). Examples for such events are an incorrect access attempt to the web interface of the INSYS router, a modification of the configuration, connecting or disconnecting a device at the switch (link up, link down), the receipt of IP packages from an unknown device at the switch (MAC firewall). Generally, every undesirable traffic, no matter if incoming or outgoing, will be blocked by the firewall. Even a door contact at the switch cabinet can directly be connected to an input of the INSYS icom router for triggering a duress alarm.

Securing of the router from and to the network (Firewall)

Each router has a stateful firewall with MAC filters that allows to enable only desired traffic using a white list to protect the networks to which it routes.

Securing of connection (VPN)

In order to protect the connection via VPN (IPsec and OpenVPN), the routers in the field and the control center authenticate each other during connection establishment already since secure identity has highest relevance; more precisely: to assure the correct identification of the communication partner. Any data traffic will only be transmitted encrypted.


Industrial routers for all networks - with additional options

We offer a large portfolio of easy to use routers with the MoRoS and INSYS series. An additional benefit is provided by an integrated programming environment. Thanks to this so-called Linux Sandbox it is possible to execute customer programs directly on the router. This allows to collect and accumulate network condition data and forward them as CSV or XML files.

The following devices are perfectly suitable for your requirements:

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4G router
ADSL router
LAN-LAN router
HSPA Router
LAN-LAN router
WLAN/HSPA router

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