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Router and Fault Monitor

Router and fault monitor of INSYS icom

The industrial routers of the series MoRoS, MLR, EBW, RSM and QLM as well as the fault monitor series IMON provide integrated communication (via cellular radio, Modem, ISDN, DSL), a 4-port switch, secure communication via VPN, a Linux sandbox and many other functions for industrial operation with high security requirements.


Configuration (Demo)
The configuration pages of a MoRoS HSPA online


Concepts and information for the operation of the router in two networks


Network View
INSYS routers in various network configurations


Certificates in virtual private networks
For secure configuration access


Message Dispatch
INSYS routers can dispatch a message upon the occurrence of a certain event or router conditions.


The Sandbox is like a small virtual Linux PC. Run your own customised applications directly on the router.


  • Data is transported transparent
  • Automatic switching between public and private addresses upon configuration
  • Devices with sandbox are open for user programs (embedded Linux)
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