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Secure Configuration Access


INSYS routers and fault monitors (except MoRoS of version 1.x) can also be configured using the secure https protocol. The router is authenticated by its certificate and the communication is protected against third party listeners. 

Each router is equipped with an individual certificate which can be validated by an INSYS CA certificate. One of the following two certificates is required for this depending on the router.


It is recommended to download both certificates and register them in the web browser. During the installation process you have to confirm that these certificates are trustworthy.

The certificate of each router contains an individual "Common Name" derived from the MAC address written as "00_05_B6_xx_yy_zz". The browser points out that the Common Name of the certificate does not match the address of the called page (which is typically an IP address like Allow the use of this certificate according to the matching MAC address which is printed on a label at the housing of your router.

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