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Redundant Communication Paths

Various approaches for any requirement


The routers and fault monitors of INSYS icom have different options for providing a redundancy of the communication paths – depending on the version. This allows to keep communication up in case the primary communication path fails. If the establishment of a connection via the primary communication path fails, it will be tried to establish a connection via the alternative communication path. Various connection check options allow a continuous check of a permanently established connection. If such a connection check fails, the connection will be closed and established again under consideration of the redundant communication path.

LAN (ext) interface

The LAN (ext) interface allows to connect a DSL modem or external networks (for example an existing company network). In this case, the integrated communication device (for example cellular radio or ISDN) will provide redundancy if a connection via the LAN (ext) interface fails.

Dual SIM functionality

Some INSYS routers allow to insert a second SIM card. This allows to go back to an alternative cellular provider in case the infrastructure of the primary provider fails. SIM card 2 will be used if a connection cannot be established via SIM card 1. Roaming can also be avoided with this in areas close to a border. 

Serial interface

Some INSYS routers allow to connect another communication device to the serial interface to provide an alternative communication path in case the primary communication path fails. Any combinations of ISDN, Modem and cellular radio are possible with this. Then, the external communication device will act as another communication device and a free priorisation of both communication devices is possible.

Alternative communication target

Except when using two SIM cards, an alternative target can be specified for connection establishment for each communication device. This alternative target will then be used if the connection establishment to the primary target is not successful.

Alternative OpenVPN server

If the router is operated as OpenVPN client, an alternative remote site can be specified for the tunnel establishment. This will automatically be used by the OpenVPN client, if the first remote terminal is not accessible.

Functional redundancy

  • Increases the reliability
  • Provides the data transmission via a different medium in case of failure of a communication path
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