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Mobile Internet access


Mobile Internet Connection

The cellular services GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA) provide a mobile internet access. Mobile devices register at the APN (access point name) of the network or service provider to activate these services. The following collection of APNs for different European networks is for your information only, it has been verified only in parts. Refer to your cellular provider or service provider for binding information.


Please observe:

  • Do not leave the fields User name and Password empty when configuring devices of the MoRoS product family and enter al least an x even if the provider does not require a special entry!
  • The selection of the APN may affect the service cost of the provider!


[any] any name or password - must not be empty
[user] individual user data

A brief summary
  • Cellular data services are a mobile Internet access
  • Activation is performed by registering the mobile devices with the provider''s APN
  • The tables show a selection of APNs.
International Access Point Names
 Country Provider  APN  PPP Name  PPP Password 
 DE E-Plus  eplus gprs 
 DE O2 (Vertrag) internet    
 DE O2 LOOP (prepaid)    
 DE T-Mobile internet.t-mobile    
 DE Vodafone    
 DE Vodafone  [any]  [any]
 DE mdex T-Mobile mdex.ic.t-mobile  [any]  [user]
 DE mdex vodafone  [any]  [user]
 AT  A1  
 AT  ONE    
 AT  Telering Web  [email protected]  web
 AT  T-Mobile gprsinternet  GPRS  
 BE BASE (Orange) orangeinternet    
 BE Mobistar mobistar mobistar
 BE Proximus    
 CH Orange internet    
 CH Sunrise internet internet  internet
 CH Swisscom gprs gprs
 CZ Cesky Mobil (contract) internet    
 CZ Cesky Mobil (prepaid) cinternet    
 CZ Eurotel (contract) internet    
 CZ Eurotel Go gointernet    
 CZ Oscar (contract) internet    
 CZ Oscar (Oskarta) ointernet    
 CZ T-Mobile    
 DK  Orange DK    
 DK Sonofon      
 DK TDC internet    
 ES Amena internet CLIENTE AMENA
 ES Telefonica (Movistar) movistar movistar
 ES Vodafone (Airtel) vodafone vodafone
 FR B2Bouygtel    
 FR Bouygues    
 FR Orange orange orange
 FR Orange MIB orange-mib mportail mib
 FR SFR websfr    
 HU Magyar Telekom wnw [any] [any]
 IT BLU Contratto INTERNET    
 IT BLU Prepagata PINTERNET    
 IT TIM    
 IT Vodafone Omnitel    
 IT Wind internet.wind    
 LU Tango internet tango tango
 NL KPN Mobile internet KPN gprs
 NL O2 internet    
 NL Telfort internet    
 NL T-Mobile internet t-mobile t-mobile
 NL Vodafone (business) vodafone vodafone
 NL Vodafone (normal) vodafone vodafone
 PT Optimus internet    
 PT TMN internet    
 PT Vodafone (Telcel)    
 TN Orange Tunisie keygp orange orange
 UK Jersey Telecom pepper    
 UK O2 UK (contract) web password
 UK O2 UK (prepaid) payandgo payandgo
 UK Orange UK orangeinternet    
 UK T-Mobile (One2One) Username one2one
 UK Vodafone UK Internet web web
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