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Analogue Standard Fixed Connections

German Telekom Discontinues Leased Lines from 30.09.2010


April 1, 2008 - updated October 2010

The German Telekom has discontinued the operation of analogue fixed leased lines in 2010 to replace the lines by digital services Telekom terms, para. 9. Therefore, many operators of measuring and messaging systems need a technically adequate and economically reasonable alternative. INSYS icom has the best solutions in every respect for this.


Since the leased line was an integral part for many users for decades, the applications have been various, like e.g.:

  • Time recording
  • Remote meter reading
  • Alarm and security technology
  • Remote controlling and monitoring

The clutch of operators from public utilities to industrial groups is also multifaceted.

A brief summary
  • Well-established solution for decades is discontinued
  • Alternative solutions - wired and wireless - are available
  • Current technologies offer so far unknown and very useful functions
  • Experts of INSYS icom are pleased to consult you for migration
  • The proof of the pudding is in the eating: test devices provide clarity

 Serial terminal devices can still be used

The technical basis of all these applications are serial devices, which have been connected to remote terminals or higher-level systems via leased lines.

Easy migration: The analogue leased line with serial data flow is replaced by modern packet-based connections. The current serial terminal devices can still be used.


Many customers have been very irritated after the sudden announcement of discontinuation by the Telekom first. But most of them made the best of it and reviewed their communication structures. The option of private lines with huge investments was no option for most of them. Therefore, modern wireless solutions become more and more important – not only because of the "Features & Functions" possible today, which provide new outlooks for the operators.

In order that well-tried devices and new transmission technologies provide the desired results, different factors must be taken into account when selecting the appropriate substitute media, like e.g.

  • geographical conditions
  • availability of public networks or own communication paths
  • architecture of the whole network with its own components
  • operational requirements for the availability (real-time applications, redundancy)
  • conversion, investment and operating costs

 Adequate Solutions for Every Application

The industrial data communication experts of INSYS icom already have several economically and technically adequate solutions in their portfolio.

The cellular modems and routers of the series INSYS GPRS and MoRoS allow to set-up virtual fixed connections via the public cellular networks. On this basis, it is possible to realize very reasonable quasi-leased lines, because only the transmitted data volume (traffic) is accounted for the packet-switched data services GPRS, EDGE and UMTS. EDGE and UMTS have short signal propagation times and are therefore especially suitable for time-critical applications.The modem INSYS GPRS serial behaves for an application with RS232 interface like a usual modem and transports the data transparent through the cellular network. The INSYS GPRS serial can establish a connection as callback upon a call or receipt of an SMS. Connection from the Internet to standard cellular networks are also possible with this.

The Ethernet version INSYS GPRS Ethernet is a GPRS Ethernet router with NAT and port forwarding – a single Ethernet device or a LAN can be connected locally.

GPRS as Leased Line

Moreover, the robust industrial routers MoRoS GPRS, MoRoS EDGE and MoRoS UMTS unite the functional scope of a modem, router and 4-port switch in one compact DIN rail housing with the dimensions 70 x 110 x 75 mm. The devices have an RS232 interface for connecting the existing serial devices, provide dial-in and dial-out functionality, NAT and port forwarding. With this, the devices of the MoRoS product family can establish connections permanently, time- or event-controlled, can be accessed from the control center via reasonable fixedIP solutions or can communicate from client to client.


All versions are equipped with VPN and firewall for ultimate data security, redundant WAN interface and a serial-Ethernet gateway. Every operator is primed for the migration to packet-based data transmission with this functionality.

INSYS still offers the switch cabinet modems INSYS Leased Line and INSYS Partyline for connecting two or more terminal devices for users and operators of private analogue leased lines.

The cellular modems and routers of INSYS, like e.g. INSYS GPRS (left) or MoRoS GPRS (right), enable to establish reasonable virtual leased lines.

Good Perspectives for the Users of Innovative Products of INSYS icom

All INSYS devices with serial interface cab be configured easily and quickly using the free configuration software HSComm for a smooth commissioning. All functions of the INSYS devices with Ethernet interface are configured via a comfortable web interface.

The small PLCs SIEMENS LOGO!™ and Moeller easy™ can be monitored by an INSYS GSM and send an SMS alarm, for example when exceeding critical values.

All INSYS icom devices support all world-wide used frequencies with dual band (Europe) or quad band and can register with the network automatically again after a restart. Automatic periodic log-out and log in is supported for stationary operation.


The potential-free inputs and outputs (I/Os) can be queried and switched remotely. SMS or fax messages with freely configurable alarm texts can be sent to individual recipients or data connections can be established for alarm purposes. The outputs can indicate active connections.

Depending on the transmission method, very effective security procedures can be used for all INSYS icom devices, like:

  • Security callback
  • Password protection for connection establishment
  • Virtual private networks with OpenVPN

Analysis, Consultation and Test Provision are a Matter of Course for INSYS icom

Our experienced experts of INSYS icom are always available for an analysis of your communication structure and work out the technically and economically optimum solution for decision-making, which does not only replace the existing solution, but adds new functionality. INSYS offers well-founded technology and product training for all prospective and existing customers for a carefree way into the world of packet-based data communication.

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