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Machine Building / Automation

Transmit industrial data worldwide

Remote maintenance prevents production downtime

Production companies depend on their machinery having uninterrupted maintenance. Holdups are not just annoying - they can cause additional downtime costs. INSYS icom devices enable a direct remote access to machines/systems. The connection is made using the serial interface (RS232) or Ethernet.

Start up and service equipment remotely

When first starting up equipment, the manufacturer''s specialists can do the fine-tuning remotely, thus saving time and expenditure on travel.

Monitoring process data

By monitoring values, any errors in the process can be detected and remedied early on to avoid further damage.


Most INSYS icom communication devices have digital inputs and outputs. The outputs can be used for remote switching. The inputs can be used to issue alarm messages (email, SMS) via external switches or SPS outputs.

Routing and connection management

INSYS icom routers cope with all the usual methods for implementing private and public IP addresses, such as NAT and port forwarding. Any feasible application can be configured to operate autonomously:

  • Establish and terminate network accesses, data connections and VPN connections
  • Monitor and maintain connections
  • Switch to redundant alternative routes (e. g. wireless if ADSL falls over)

Custom configurations: Establish and terminate connections

Whichever trigger your application uses to establish the connection, you can use our devices to do it:

  • "always online" with connection monitoring
  • as required for data traffic from the LAN
  • external request by callback or SMS
  • schedule: every day at the same time
  • digital input e. g. for key switches (client in control).

Connection monitoring is useful:

  • for maintaining the active connection
  • for re-establishing the connection if it has been interrupted
  • for idle detection or
  • for limiting the connection time.

VPN tunneling for security and accessibility

There can be a particular need to protect industrial process data, personal data and key measurements from unauthorised access. The main tasks are to encrypt the data and authenticate communication partners.

The simplest solution is for a central location to administer these security tasks as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The benefits of such centralisation are clear:

  • Security functions only implemented once
  • Minimal maintenance

All the devices in the MoRoS product family can establish encrypted connections with both OpenVPN and IPsec, and all have a stateful firewall.


Enjoy the benefits of INSYS icom''s innovative, secure communication solutions!


  • Devices for remote maintenance, remote debugging, monitoring logging operating data and alarming
  • Integrate all types of field device (serial, Ethernet, M-Bus)
  • I/O tunneling
  • Serial Ethernet gateways
  • Connection management and routing for autonomous operation
  • Client/server and client/client connections
  • SCADA solutions and IP telemetry
  • Adequate protection for sensitive data
  • Authenticate the communication partners involved
  • Encrypt the connection with OpenVPN or IPsec
 Example: SCADA solution with
icom Connectivity Suite – VPN

Example: SCADA solution with

icom Connectivity Suite – VPN

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