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Point of sale and operating data logging

INSYS icom in commercial applications

Benefit from our long experience in the PoS sector!

INSYS icom communication modules have been used in the Point of Sale (PoS) sector for over fifteen years. In cashless payment transactions we ensure that the communication between the PoS terminals and the billing points is uninterrupted. Put our market expertise to use with your own application!

Electronic operating data logging

As in PoS, compact designs, flexible communications and minimal power consumption are key in operational data logging (ODL). For ODL terminals, INSYS offers the full range of communication modules for all types of network.

INSYS icom at tradesmen

Regardless whether

  • Franking machines, which charge credits via modem or clear directly via Internet connection, or
  • Multi-function copiers, which clear operating data as leasing devices;

let''s talk about this and similar applications. We''ll find the best solution for your purpose!

ODL and PoS applications promote flexible, highly-integrated communication

Our highly-integrated communication modules quickly get you to your goal of having a market-ready device with flexible communication technology.

We have in our portfolio pin-compatible communication modules for all public and private networks. And, so that you can focus on your core business, our experts take care of the detail involved in the different communication technologies for your application.

Service from the spec through to production

We provide support throughout the process of developing your terminal. We will happily take responsibility for individual parts, or for the entire development and manufacturing process. You decide how we can best support you.


  • Commumication modules can be deployed flexibly
  • Modules for any network
  • Many years of project experience
  • Modules require minimal space
  • Low power consumption
  • Uninterrupted data communication
  • Highly-integrated communication modules
  • INSYS icom responsible for development, manufacturing and logistics

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