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Public authorities

Communes, towns, states and municipalities

Using data communication in the local authorities sector

Many applications increasingly demand options for alarming, remote monitoring and remote access, in order to perform these tasks:

  • control
  • monitor
  • air-condition
  • alarm

Properties and holdings

The centralised management, monitoring and administration of properties and systems that are often far apart depends on perfect data communication. You can use INSYS icom devices for projects such as:

  • schools
  • swimming pools and lidos
  • treating drinking water
  • drainage
  • wastewater treatment
  • unmanned sewage plants
  • building yards
  • recycling facilities
  • composting plants
  • underground and high-rise construction projects
  • public areas
  • access control and locking systems
  • video monitoring
  • transport companies
  • traffic management and signalling systems.

Communicate with remote stations at any time

When operating data from remote stations needs to be monitored, the question of any potential transmission technology is raised with increasing regularity. Here, the wireless network is a solution that is simple and the best in technical terms.

Because of its excellent infrastructure, the UMTS network is now the first choice for communications between the control relay and the control centre or service technicians. On wireless networks, short messages (SMS) and mobile Internet connections are most commonly used.


  • Integrate the technical data from remote stations
  • Control pumps at all times
  • Closely monitor overflow containers
  • Log operating data
  • Comply with hygiene regulations relating to water treatment
  • Mobile access control systems
  • Mobile fire alarm systems
  • Connect properties
  • Video monitoring for public areas
  • Current operating data from sewage plants and cogeneration plants (CHPs)
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