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Water supply and waste water treatment

Modern data communication for efficient operations

Run substations and line networks efficiently

Modern communication networks offer many new options in terms of connecting substations to their control centre. Low-cost, reliable communication routes can be established via any wireless network. They can be used to connect remote control stations, e. g. in the water supply sector, to the SCADA control centre.

Own line network or wireless?

As a water supply/waste water agency or authority, do you have your own line network? Depending on the application, you can make use of our traditional leased line modems or multidrop/partyline devices. Or, if you rely on higher data rates, our SDSL devices offer a "high-speed route" for your data.

GSM fault sensor controls pumps

Even simple devices with conventional switching outputs (e. g. electronically controlled pumps) can be closely monitored with our GSM fault sensor solutions. They cut downtime and ensure your customers are supplied.


INSYS communication solutions for:

  • Station control technology and switching systems
  • Process control systems, SCADA
  • Fault resolution management
  • Monitoring distribution stations
  • Monitoring disposal containers and vehicles


  • Reliable SCADA connection
  • Low-cost data transmission
  • Traditional modem technology
  • Multidrop
  • Leased line
  • SDSL

VPN portal for SCADA systems

icom Connectivity Suite – VPN

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