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Secure IPsec connections made easy


The following Configuration Guides show you how to establish secure IPsec connections between two participants using INSYS routers, like MoRoS, MLR, EBW, IMON, RSM, SDSL or QLM. There are the following possibilities for this:

  • using certificates
  • using a pre-shared key (PSK)

When using certificates, it is necessary to create a certificate structure and distribute the certificates, but this installation type provides more flexibility.

  • secure
  • proven
  • for connecting to existing VPN routers
 IPsec connection with certificates
 Configuration Guide for IPsec participant
 Configuring INSYS router
 Configuration Guide for certificate creation
 Creating X509.v3 certificates with XCA
 Creating X509.v3 certificates with easy-rsa
 IPsec connection with pre-shared key (PSK)
 Configuration Guide for IPsec participant
 Configuring INSYS router/a>
 Configuring INSYS router for connecting to Siemens Scalance S
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