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Firmware and software for INSYS OS and icom OS

for our industrial routers (Smart Devices)

icom OS
ProductVersionDownloadRelease Notes





icom OS 3.7 - full update

for all devices with version 1.X


icom OS 3.0-3.7 - incremental update

for all devices from version 3.0


CA certificate CA_INSYS_Router.pem
for protected access to the web interface
of the router for import in the browser


Product documentation

Quick Installation Guide

Installation and operation manual

icom OS 3.7

Apps (for routers with icom OS)
ProductVersionDownloadRelease Notes
icom Data Suite 1.8

icom Data Suite 1.8

Free license code necessary. Please order here.


CA certificate CA_icom_Data_Suite.pem
for protected access to the web interface of
the icom Data Suite for import in the browser


Quick Installation Guide

Notes regarding the installation of the icom Data Suite on the icom Smart Device (router)

icom Data Suite 1.8

MoRoS 2.12.18

MoRoS 2.12.18

Monitoring App included

EBW 2.12.18

EBW 2.12.18

Monitoring App included

IMON 2.12.18

IMON 2.12.18

Monitoring App included

MLR 2.12.18 MLR 2.12.18 Docs
RSM 2.12.18 RSM 2.12.18 Docs
INSYS SDSL 2.12.18 INSYS SDSL 2.12.18 Docs
QLM SDSL 2.12.18 QLM SDSL 2.12.18 Docs
QLM-H/W/E 2.12.6 QLM-H/W/E 2.12.6 Docs

Release Notes are contained in the respective download packages.

Apps (for routers with INSYS OS)
Monitoring App 2.6.2 Monitoring App 2.6.2 Docs
SMS Gateway 1.1 SMS Gateway 1.1 Docs

Release Notes are contained in the respective download packages.

Installation notes

Firmware INSYS OS

for the router series EBW, IMON, MoRoS, MLR, RSM, QLM and SDSL 

The INSYS icom firmware "INSYS OS" requires the installation of several files according to the instructions included in the package.

  • The series MoRoS and EBW include the Monitoring App in the installation package. Monitoring packages for monitoring Siemens LOGO!TM and S7 controls as well as Modbus devices can be added.
  • The IMON series includes the Monitoring App in the installation package. A monitoring package for monitoring Siemens LOGO!TM or Modbus devices is also included depending on the version (IMON-G100, IMON-G200 or IMON-U300/U310).
  • This firmware does not work on MoRoS/MLR of version 1.x. Please use the following form in this case.
  • The files necessary for implementing an auto-update function using an update server of the user (*.system.tar.gz and *.data.tar.gz) can be obtained from our support team. Please use the following form in this case.


Firmware icom OS

for the modular industrial routers of the MRX series

The firmware update can be performed in two different ways:

Automatic update by downloading the firmware file from the INSYS update server by the router

Instructions for this are available in the inline and online help of the router as well as in our Knowledge Base.

Manual update by uploading the firmware file to the router by the user

The user has to upload the update container to the configuration PC first and then to the router. Proceed as follows for this:

  1. Download the firmware update container to your configuration PC using above link.
  2. Upload the downloaded file to the router. For this, click in the web interface in the Administration menu on the Firmware page on the Browse... button
  3. Activate the firmware by clicking on the gear symbol behind the new firmware file.
Request firmware for other INSYS icom devices

Needless to say you also get the latest firmware updates for all other devices of INSYS icom. Just use the followoing online form for this. You'll get the latest firmware versions for our products free from our support team via E-mail. Just send us a request or call (phone +49 941 58692-661)


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